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Have you ever wondered that in today’s fast moving world, how difficult it would have become sending and receiving documents and packages personally? This is why we need courier services which augment our efforts and pace up well to ease our living. Courier services save time and money and perform the desired action at your cost.

We at Tawseel, provide you faster and reliable services at an economic cost. We enable you to free-up the man power and utilize your man power in other businesses.

Why to choose Tawseel over other services:

SPEED: We aim to deliver package to the destination within 24 hours and the least possible time. We are a brand name which provides express delivery in Sharjah. Likewise, we have a huge customer base in Sharjah with satisfactory and valuable feedback.

RELIABILITY: We provide utmost reliability to our customers. We pay attention and provide proper training to our employees regarding handling of packages. In case of any urgent or medical delivery packages, we provide insured delivery at a cheaper rate.

VETERAN IN FIELD: With an experience of more than 10 years in the field, we have emerged as a big name in fraternity in UAE and we are a well-established brand in shipping services and home delivery in UAE. We have been providing our services across UAE keeping in mind the need of our customers. We have shaped the dimensions of shipping services in UAE.

FRIENDLY AND ECONOMIC SERVICES: We are determined to provide our services at very reasonable price which supplements well various small businesses, local and domestic vendors and households too. We also provide our customer friendly back-end services when the package is in-transit so as to provide utmost transparency and maintain faith of our customers.

At Tawseel, we aim to provide the maximum satisfaction with our services to our customers. We have helped all sections of the society with our services and helped them to boost their engagements and businesses. We are always happy to help and reduce the efforts of our customers so that they can invest their time and efforts in their own venture.

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